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  • The model accurately the iconic design of the Lexus Land Cruiser Prado, capturing its distinct features and styling cues.
  • The pull-back mechanism allows the model to be easily propelled backward on a flat surface and then release to see it zoom forward.
  • Crafted from high-quality die-cast metal, the model offers durability and a satisfying weight in hand, enhancing the overall tactile experience.
  • The front doors, boot (trunk), and hood of the model can be opened, revealing detailed interior and engine compartment designs for added realism.
  • With a size of approximately 5 inches, the model strikes a balance between being display-worthy and portable, making it suitable for enthusiasts of various ages.
  • The model comes in a striking combination of white, blue, and black colors, adding to its visual appeal and attention to detail.
  • Collectors and automotive enthusiasts can appreciate the meticulous attention to detail that has gone into replicating the actual vehicle’s design in a smaller scale.
  • Whether for yourself or a fellow car enthusiast, the model makes for an excellent gift due to its combination of design accuracy and interactive features.
  • The model can be proudly displayed on shelves, desks, or in display cases, allowing enthusiasts to showcase their love for the Lexus Land Cruiser Prado.
  • From intricate grille designs to accurately depicted wheels, the model showcases a commitment to the car’s features in a miniature form.

Lexus Land Cruiser Prado – Pull Back and Die cast – Front Doors & Boot & Hood Open – Size Approx. 5 inch – The front two sides of doors could be opened, the boot and hood could be opened too. Made of non-toxic water-based paint spray, placing in ventilated place for 2 months, doesn’t contain formaldehyde and any other harmful substances, very safe, thus protecting the safety of children Very suitable as children toys for birthday, Christmas gift, new year. Also it can be a gift for your boyfriend. Great gift for children, relatives, and friends Product size: 4.5 * 2 * 2 inch, Materials: Die Casting Automobile Model, Zinc Alloy, Plastic Parts, Rubber Tires, Detailed Interior and External Decoration. Function: open the two doors and the boot and hood, and lift the tailgate; Press the middle part of the engine front cover forcefully to trigger ; Put the car on the flat ground, press the car body and pull it backward, and the car will move forward about 10 meters;This car is very suitable for children to play. The paint is fine, the hand feels good, and it is very heavy to take. It is also very suitable for car model lovers as decoration. Well Crafted With Cultural Inheritance Pull Back Power Four Dour Open With Bonult And Trunk Front and Back.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions12 × 5 × 5 cm
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