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High-Quality Die-Cast Construction The die-cast construction ensures durability and a realistic look, making it a collectible item for enthusiasts. Detailed Design Intricate detailing on the car’s exterior and interior, including accurate logos, decals, and features that replicate the real racing car. Key-Powered Action The unique key power mechanism adds an element of interactive play. Inserting the key and turning it movement. Realistic Performance The car might be designed for speed and performance, with features that mimic the experience of a racing car on a smaller scale. Collector’s Packaging The set might come in specialized packaging suitable for collectors, including a window box or display case to showcase the car while keeping it protected. Authentic Accessories Some sets include additional accessories like a mini pit stop or racing track, enhancing the overall play experience. Variety of Models If this is part of a series, there might be a variety of models to collect, each representing different race cars or styles. Educational Value These sets can offer insights into the mechanics and design of race cars, making them educational tools as well as toys. Age Range The product might be designed for a specific age range, ensuring that it’s safe and appropriate for the intended audience. Collectibility Certain limited editions or rare versions might be highly sought after by collectors, adding to the product’s value.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions15 × 19 cm
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