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  • PlasticIncludes
  • TilesCard


  • One player can serve as Dealer and operate the BINGO!
  • The Dealer slides the BINGO! Game Board forward and back to reveal two tiles.

When a player sees a Tile that matches an image on his /her BINGO! Card, the player calls out the image name, takes the tile and covers the printed image on the card.

  • The Dealer Slides any unclaimed tiles back into the Game Board through the reload slots at the top of the device.
  • Two or more players need the same tile. It goes to the player who calls for it first. In the case of a tile, the Dealer places the tile back in the BINGO! Game Board.

If a player calls for a tile he /she doesn’t need, the tile goes to the next player to correctly call it.

The first player to covers all 9spaces on the card shouts “BINGO!” and wins!

The winner starts the next game as the Dealer.



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