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Star Wars Lightsaber Action Sword Rechargeable Toys for Boys – Size Approx. 70cm – Single Piece Assorted Color Our toy lightsaber offers endless options for role-playing and imaginative play games.If the sound disturbs you, you can switch to mute. These lightsabers are perfect for cosplay or fantasy movie costumes. Get ready for exciting fights with our new lightsabers! with a finger gyro ring and blade switch on the handle, anyone can easily replicate the action of a cool rotating handle and ejecting star wars sword blade. The red lightsaber design is not only expandable, retractable, and easy to carry, but two lightsabers can be linked together to form one massive double-bladed led lightsaber for epic galactic battles. Fx dueling lightsaber with constant light, flicker, and mute modes. Enjoy a realistic gaming experience with your friend! Lightsabers toys for ages 8-13 for kids come with a 500mah rechargeable battery and a USB charging cable, providing up to 90 minutes of continuous play when fully charged – a fourfold improvement over traditional 3 aaa batteries. This extended play time offers limitless fun while reducing the need for additional batteries, making it an environmentally friendly and convenient solution for your child’s enjoyment. Star wars lightsaber is the perfect birthday, Christmas or Halloween gift for anyone over age 3. Blue lightsaber toys are perfect gifts for costume parties, cosplay, and many other activities. Why not get a couple for even more fun? You and your child can even use these purple lightsabers to dress up as your favorite character and have a friendly duel to strengthen the bond between parents and children! Besides, green toy lightsabers can be used as torches for illumination. Swords for kids 8-12 package includes one sword, one USB charging cables. Crafted from high-quality soft plastic, star wars lightsaber sword for kids prioritize durability, safety, ease of use, and non-toxicity. However, please note that lightsaber toys are not intended for excessive force, as they may break under extreme pressure. We are dedicated to providing the best customer service, ensuring your satisfaction with every purchase. It’s the perfect thanksgiving games gifts for kids.

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