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Fun Family Games

Fun Interactive Game, Help Them Learn As They Have A Memorable Blast!

Who’s the fastest of them all? This enthralling quick cups game will put that question to rest! It comes with a total of 30 cups in 5 colors, 24 challenges, 1 bell, and an instructions guide. How do you get started? Simply give 6 cups to the players (once of each color), shuffle the cards and place them face down, and position the bell in the middle of the table. Any player can reveal the top card, after which players must rush to arrange their cups according to the colors and shapes of the image. The first to get it right rings the bell and is declared that round’s winner!

This cup game is a recipe for hours of fun for both kids and adults. But it’s a great educational tool too! It helps improves color and shape recognition with every correct match, develops hand-eye coordination and motor skills during, and encourages quick thinking. Bring it out during game night with the family, during slumber parties, or take it with you to have inclusive fun while camping or enjoying an awesome picnic out in the park.


30 mini cups in 5 colors(green, red, blue, black and yellow),each color 6 cups. Small version cups that make this game more fun for training your reactivity and develops hand-eye coordination.

24 cards that means 24 challenges! With vertical and horizontal challenges, improves color and shape recognition with every correct match

Comes with instructions. Tell you how to play and how to do can win the game!

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