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Pinball Table Top Board Game For Kids 3+ for 2 Players Size Approximately 30 cm – Assorted Color Age-appropriate fun: 3+years Bowling battle game Two-player excitement Vibrant color Game time & difficulty setting Easy assemble Score tracking Designed for children aged 3 and above, ensuring that even the youngest players can enjoy this exciting game. This game set is tailored for two players, fostering social interaction and friendly competition. Kids can challenge their friends or family members to thrilling hockey matches. To enhance the immersive experience, this set features authentic game sounds that mimic the ambiance of a real hockey match. Assembling the game set is a breeze, ensuring that kids can quickly set up their own hockey arena for hours of fun. Operates on batteries, offering convenience and portability. Players must strategize and aim carefully to score against the dynamic goalie, making each match more thrilling.

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