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Just like a tiny real off-road monster truck.

It can go forward, backward, turn left and turn right.

Use the watch voice to control the car, six buttons have different function to record the voice.

The car is suitable for many surfaces, such as mountain area, marble floor, glass floor and in the park.

Available Commands and Functions:

  • Forward- Moves the vehicle forward.
  • Go Back- Reverses the vehicle.
  • Stop- Stops the vehicle.
  • Right- Turns the vehicle to the right.
  • Left- Turns the vehicle to the left.
  • Demo- The vehicle shows off its functions.
  • Turbo- Boost the vehicles speed for 2 seconds when moving forward.
  • Engine- The lights and sounds of the engine go on/ off.
  • Horn Blared- Hooter sounds.
  • Speed- High Speed/ Low Speed.
Weight2 kg
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