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Elite A-47 Gel Blaster Manual Reload Toygun For Kids – Size Approx. 68cm – Multi color This toygun boasts a striking and authentic design inspired by the iconic A-47 rifle, allowing kids to immerse themselves in exciting role-playing scenarios. Kids can engage in manual reloading action, enhancing their fine motor skills and adding an extra layer of realism to their playtime adventures. The Elite A-47 uses safe and non-toxic gel beads for ammunition, offering a harmless yet exhilarating way for kids to engage in imaginative battles and missions. With an approximate length of 68cm, this toygun is perfectly sized for kids to handle comfortably, making it suitable for children of various ages. Available in a variety of eye-catching colors, this toy adds an exciting visual element to playtime and sparks creativity. The gel beads used in this blaster are non-toxic and safe for kids, ensuring peace of mind for parents. Encourage outdoor play and imaginative storytelling as kids embark on thrilling missions and adventures with friends and family.

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