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Best Board game for kids you will get 200 cards inside the box, it’s a best family game conversation starters and challenge game. Method of Playing moving clockwise, take turns drawing from the deck starting with the youngest person, follow the rules below based on the card type drawn to see who gets to keep the card. First person to collect 15 card wins. (TRIVIA CARDS)  Whoever drew the card thinks of their answer to the question before reading the card out loud. The first person to guess the answer gets to keep the card. If no one is able to guess it, the reader can give hints until someone does. If multiple people guess the right answer at the same time, the reader can choose who gets to keep the card. (CHALLENGE CARDS) Whoever drew the card reads the challenge out loud. Whoever successfully complete the challenge gets to keep the card, Discard the card if the challenge is not completed or if no one wants to do it.

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