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Activate the switch, stars of the Captain America shield will emit cool lights. (Note: The speaker is only used for decorative and does not emit sound) Captain America Shield Nerf toygun is inspired by the Captain America shield of the Avengers in the Marvel Universe. The toy comes in 2 modes, nerf shield and nerf dart toygun for boy girls age 6-7 years old, marvel toys for boys age 8-12 and up. Nerf shield dart toygun is made of ABS material, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, designed with a simple structure, light weight, and a comfortable grip, making it easy for children to grasp and shoot. Shield toygun range of 30-50 feet, children in the indoor or outdoor Nerf shooting games can accurately hit the target, darts using soft and lightweight environmentally friendly EVA material to ensure the safety of children when playing. Nerf shield toygun for family bonding games, birthday parties, school and outdoor games for kids 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years old boys girls, it is a great choice for kids’ birthday gifts and back to school gifts. Captain America Shield Design: The toy features an iconic design inspired by Captain America’s shield from the Marvel comics and movies. Dart Shooter Action: The shield launcher allows kids to shoot soft Nerf darts, adding an interactive and fun element to playtime. Included Nerf Darts: Comes with six Nerf darts for extended play and reloading convenience. Pull Handle Mechanism: The shield likely features a pull handle mechanism, making it easy for kids to launch the darts with a flick of the wrist. Expandable Play: The toy could offer expandable gameplay, encouraging imaginative play and creative storytelling. Multicolor Design: The shield might be available in multiple colors, appealing to a broader range of kids. Safe and Durable: As a toy designed for kids, safety and durability are likely key features to ensure long-lasting fun. Role-Playing Adventure: Encourages children to embark on exciting Captain America-themed role-playing adventures. Indoor and Outdoor Play: Versatile design suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

Weight2 kg
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