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Children’s water center for all unicorn lovers. The MAGICAL UNICORN CARRIAGE inflatable pool has dimensions of 274 x 198 x 137 cm and is suitable for children from 2 years of age. The water pool has a maximum load capacity of 144 kg, and children will have fun in it, as well as learn fine motor skills and other skills. The garden pool for children has a magical inflatable unicorn, which serves well as a game with an inflatable throwing star. Children can throw the inflatable ring at the unicorn’s horn and see how many times it hits. The inflatable pool for children is perfect for the garden as a summer refreshment. A garden hose can be connected to the arc sprinkler above the slide and thus give the children a shower. The advantage of a pool is that children can get to know water in the comfort of their own home. You don’t have to drive anywhere. If you want to use the children’s water pool with a magical unicorn as a universal play center, it can be inflated without water, for example, in the living room or bedroom. Children will enjoy countless entertainment in the center. In addition to throwing in a circle, they can play with different colored balls or cast spells with a magic wand. But what all children love is the slide. The MAGICAL UNICORN CARRIAGE inflatable children’s pool has a beautiful inflatable slide that can be easily attached with strings. It also has a padded landing for comfortable gliding. In addition, the pool slide is deliberately wide so that two children can fit on it at the same time. The slide for two easily entertains both boys and girls. The volume of the magical water children’s center with a magic wand and a unicorn is 220 liters. The pool includes a slide, 1 inflatable star ring, 1 magic wand, 6 game balls and a patch.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions274 × 198 × 137 cm
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