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Inflatable pool BESTWAY your kids simply love. Do not press in the summer by the pool and prepare your child pool in the comfort of the garden. The advantage of inflatable pools is that for the assembly and no tools. Simply pool only inflate, fill with water and you can with your little ones to enjoy water fun literally within minutes. Inflatable pool BESTWAY as quickly fold. Just pour water, drained pool and air dry in the sun. Proper storage pool over the winter you can assure that your pool will be used across several seasons. Inflatable pool is suitable for the youngest children. However, my kids never run while playing pool in his eyes. PVC used in the manufacture does not contain phthalates, which are otherwise known as plasticizers for plastics have been demonstrated scientifically and their negative effects on the human body, especially in children. It was one of the main reasons why he stopped phthalates for PVC used for swimming pools.

Weight1 kg
Dimensions182 × 33 cm
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