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  • The Scuttler features:
    1- Fully posable head
    2- Adjustable ears
    3- Opening minifigure cockpit and two stud shooters
    4- Hidden jetpack for Batman
    5- Net shooter
    6- Extendable arms each with dual stud shooters.
  • Includes six minifigures: Batman, The Joker, Poison Ivy, Commissioner Gordon, Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson.
  • Accessory elements include Batman’s cape and new-for-spring-2017 molded utility belt, The Joker’s special purple coat-tail, Dick Grayson’s bow tie and Poison Ivy’s skirt and two vines
  • Also includes Poison Ivy’s vine monster with posable vines 
  • Weapons include Batman’s two Batarangs, The Joker’s pop gun and Commissioner Gordon’s gun.
  • 775 pieces total.
  • Material: ABS plastic, non-toxic.
  • Suitable Ages: 9+

Dimension Approx:

  • The Scuttler: (22cm) high, (25cm) wide and (27cm) long with arms retracted, and over (38cm) long with arms extended.
  • Vine monster: (5cm) high, (11cm) wide and (11cm) deep.
Weight4 kg
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