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  • Includes 6 minifigures:
    -Captain America
    -Winter Soldier
    -Scarlet Witch
    -Iron Man
    -War Machine
    -Agent 13
    -An Ant-Man microfigure and a buildable Giant Man figure.
  • Air traffic control tower features:
    -A visual control room with a swivel chair
    -Second-floor office with computer screen element
    -Opening cupboards and exploding wall function
    -First-floor room with opening side door
    -Exploding boxes function activated by pushing the Ant-Man microfigure through a tiny hole in the wall,plus an attached fence.
  • Turn the switch on the Quinjet to reveal the hidden stud shooters underneath. The Quinjet also features:
    -An opening dual cockpit
    -Foldout wings for flight and landing modes
    -An opening rear hatch with a rope for a minifigure to grab onto.
  • Activate the explode function on the rear trailer of the luggage cart to send 3 suitcase elements flying!
  • Pick up a minifigure with the Giant Man figure which features posable head, arms and legs.
  • Weapons: Winter Soldier’s gun and War Machine’s shoulder-mounted stud shooter and baton.
  • Accessory elements: Captain America’s shield, Scarlet Witch’s power studs and Iron Man’s power element.
  • Also includes a comic book!

Dimension Approx:

  • Air traffic control tower: (27cm) high, (23cm) wide and (8cm) deep.
  • Quinjet: (9cm) high, (20cm) long, (31cm) wide in flight mode, and (19cm) wide in landing mode.
  • Luggage cart: (4cm) high, (16cm) long and (3cm) wide.
  • Giant Man figure stands over (14cm) tall.
Weight4 kg
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