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ABC Wooden English Alphabet Letter Train For Kids – Wooden Playset For Kids – Toys For Boys 27 PCS Alphabet Train: Alphabet Train with bright color consists of 26 pcs alphabet and 1 pcs train head. Each train has 4 sliding wheels which glide easily. Great Preschool Educational Toy: Toddlers not only learn by combing trains but also play trains with friends. These car help kids to study letters,numbers, promote imagination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, basic cognitive skills, problem-solving, letter recognition, color recognition, visual perception. Brightly coloured with fun shapes and styles, sturdy wooden toys. This Digital train set is easy to build and enjoy for young children, making them a smart, perfect gift toy for toddlers on any occasion. Baby can pull a train connected to play on the ground, the basic characteristics of the train have a preliminary understanding of the child’s fine action sensitive period and the mathematical concept of sensitive period of exercise.

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