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Educational toy, thanks to which the child will have the opportunity to develop skills from various categories. The pyramid consists of five planes, on each of them the child will find something interesting: 1. Abacus – consists of 45 beads in five pastel colors. Thanks to it, the child will be able to learn the basics of addition, subtraction and multiplication. 2. Alphabet – Rotating blocks with a letter or a number on one side (from 1 to 4) and a picture on the other side with an item beginning with a given letter or a graphic representation of a number with a signature (in English). While playing, the child has the opportunity to learn the letters, which will facilitate learning to read in the future. A toddler can also expand his vocabulary. An example of a proposal to play is asking the child to come up with a word, e.g. for the letter B. The child also has the opportunity to learn the first words in English. 3. Clock – apart from knowing the principle of operation and reading the time from a traditional clock, it is an opportunity to talk with the child about the rhythm of the day and what usually happens at certain times. It will also positively affect the inability to express yourself, present your opinion to the other person and conduct a conversation. 4. Moving – by moving the fish, the child improves motor skills and hand coordination, which will be useful in later learning to write. 5. Stand – you can conveniently place a piece of paper on it and draw what your imagination will tell you. The set also includes one pen. The set is packed with high-quality plastic, in eye-catching colors. It has been known for a long time that learning through play brings the best results. The child is relaxed and, in the right conditions, it is easier to learn new skills. The toy is packed in a nice, colorful box, perfect for a gift.

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